Casa fundada el 4 de Enero de 1892



La Ardosa también fue pionera en organizar la fiesta de San Patricio. A pesar del pequeño recinto en el se juntaban toda la colonia irlandesa que pudiera haber en Madrid en los años 80. Además durante aquellos años, el día de San Patricio se organizaban concursos de bebedores de Guinness. Es importante recordar que por aquel entonces la Guinness que se importaba a Madrid tenía una graduación alcohólica que casi duplicaba a la actual con lo cual el mérito de los caballeros que siguen apuntados a la tabla ya no se pueden equiparar.



Posiblemente el primer concierto celta, marzo 85

Rafael animando el cotarro* y marcando las pintas junto al entrañable Jas que quedo inscrito eternamente en nuestra pizarra y también en nuestras memorias

*Cotarro : Colectividad en estado de inquietud o de agitación

Junio 1987

Howell Llewellyn

On St. Patrick's day last year, Jose Alberto had to be driven home from the Ardosa tavern. Englishman Henry Bealby waiked out of his own accord, but regulars today still can't quite believe it.

That night both men had set a record that still stands in the Ardosa: they drank 13 pints of Guinness in 2 hours 50 minutes to head a list of nine champions whose names adorn a wall at the Madrid city centre bar. There are three Spaniards, one Englishman, three Americans, one Scot and just one Irishman on the list.

The Ardosa in C/. Colon 13, is one of 29 Madrid bars that sells draught Guinness imported from Dublin, and connoisseurs say it serves the best pint in the capital.



Propietario del famoso Pub O´ donoghues de Dublin


“It's the way we serve it from the pump,” says barman Angel Monge, who runs the tavern with his brother Rafael and father Gregorio. ”Each pint takes about four minutes to pour in three stages, which causes problems at weekends when the place is packed.”

About 75 per cent of the weekend clientele is Irish and British. This figure rises to 90 per cent on St. Patrick's night when the Guinness is free. This year, the Ardosa gave away 750 pints, which normally cost 275 pesetas a pint.

Although Gregorio and his sons have never been to Ireland or Britain, they try to run the bar along English lines. It closes between 3-6 p.m., and at 11 p.m. in the week, although it has "extensions'' till 12.30 at weekends. They even ring a bell to announce "chucking out time."

Although the Ardosa is famous for its Guinness it also serves beers from 11 other countries. German Spaten is on tap, and among the British canned varieties are McEwan's, Newcastle Brown and Tennents Lager.

There are certain rules to be observed if you want to break the Ardosa record, printed under the list of champions and their national flags. You must be accompanied by somebody responsible. Maximum time allowed is four hours. You must pay for the first 10 pints -tne rest are free. A note advises competitors not to begin on an empty stomach.

“Many people try to challenge the record, but few get near,” asserts Angel. “They tnink because they can drink 12 pints of ordinary beer, they can handle Guinness, but Guinness is of course very dilferent.”

       Rafael Monje

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